How It Works

MovinHouz is a new mobile app, which allows movees to Click It…Pic It…Move!

Through an easy-to-use app, movees will be able to set up their move with a few clicks of a button. The movers on the app go through a 10-point vetting process. To ease decision making, pricing and reviews are provided up front. And, all moves are protected as all movers provide a copy of the bill of laden with the insurance certificate prior to the move.

This app introduces MovinPic, a technology that enables clear identification of the items to be moved. It allows the moving company to see actual items involved so they can provide the most accurate quote possible.


  1. Click on the MovinHouz mobile app.
  2. Take pictures with MovinPic and answer a couple additional questions about your move.
  3. Receive multiple bids on the move and see the ratings of each mover.
  4. Book your move with a click of a button and a deposit to hold your spot.
  5. On moving day, the mover will confirm the items to be moved and then the movee will confirm with a click of a button.
  6. Once the move is complete, movees are able to check that the move was done correctly and rate their move.