About MovinHouz

MovinHouz is a new mobile app that will allow users to easily set up their move with just a few clicks giving users access to company information side-by-side so they can make informed decisions.

All moving companies are assessed through a 10-point vetting process. Before the move even starts, users are able to see the rates of each mover and customers’ feedback. Users are able to confirm their move and the price, as well as instantly get emailed the bill of laden, invoice of the move, and the insurance certificate. This solution gives users answers to these questions:

How do I know if I have the right mover?
Are these professional movers?
Am I getting the best price?
Is this a mover whom I trust?
Will my price change during the move?
What happens if my items get damaged in the move?

This app introduces MovinPic, a technology that enables clear identification of the items to be moved. It allows the moving company to see actual items involved so they can provide the most accurate quote possible. The Movee (Person Moving) shares photos of each room and major items by downloading to the mobile app to share with the mover and in return will get moving quotes from multiple vetted moving companies.